Riverbridge Coaching – Design and branding for start-up

Design and branding for start-up businesses is different to working with an established brand, and often the design company will be instrumental in supporting the business launch.

North Wales start-up Riverbridge Coaching approached DesignWeb to create their first brand logo and identity. They had clear ideas on how they thought they wanted their brand to look and provided sketches for us to draw inspiration from. They wanted a logo, stationery and a website.

The newly launched Riverbridge Coaching would offer life coaching and careers guidance, developing people to find their path and achieve success. We therefore created a professional logo in blue, to confer trust, success and confidence, subtly incorporating waves to signify the flow of knowledge and experience.

Design and branding for start-up

Branding and Literature

We were also able to guide the company on how to reinforce their new brand with matching marketing literature and company stationery.

Design, branding and literature for start-up

The overall impact confers professionalism and expertise, building trust in a new business.


Riverbridge asked us to design and develop a responsive website that would naturally reflect their new brand, but also allow them to manage and add to their website content, with new blog posts and the ability to change core content as their business continues to evolve. They required the ability to easily manage all of their website content including adding blog posts to the site. The site also needed to guide the visitor towards a complimentary coaching session. The result is a professional online presence that again, inspires trust and confidence.

Design and branding for start-up company

Designweb feedback

We enjoyed working on this project and seeing the brand from concept through to deployment on the website, social media and in marketing literature. We are delighted that Riverbridge entrusted us to undertake the project and look forward to assisting them further with their digital marketing. I feel Riverbridge are in a strong position to begin building their own client base through the strong brand we have created for them.

The Designweb Team

Client feedback

I am very happy indeed with the work that Designweb did for me. From concept to execution – it was very creative and efficient – and I have ended up with exactly what I wanted. A clean and easy to navigate website and a really well designed logo. Paul and John from Designweb were great to work with and got back to me very quickly on every detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for website design and execution. Thanks guys

Nigel Evans
Design and branding for start-ups

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